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Frequently Asked Question

Q What can I expect from my first counseling visit?

A You will be asked to fill out paperwork before you see the counselor. The counselor will conduct an intake interview with you. Normally, this can take up to 2 sessions. The focus of these sessions is to determine what kinds of changes you want to make in your life and to assess the mental health symptoms you are experiencing. These sessions are also a good time for the counselor to get to know you and for you to get to know the counselor. A treatment plan will be developed by the counselor and the client it is important that clients are actively engaged in their therapy. The counselor will help you to clarify your goals for counseling and make other recommendations if needed. Follow-up sessions will be determined by you and the counselor.

Q Who is eligible to see the psychiatrist?

A Clients who have established that they have been actively participating in counseling at the clinic are eligible for psychiatric services.


Q What is the difference between a psychiatrist and a psychologist?

A A psychiatrist is a medical doctor who specializes in the treatment of mental illness. Psychiatrists prescribe medications and at our clinic provide services to clients who are engaged in counseling at the clinic. Psychologists, Social Workers, Marriage and Family Therapists and Licensed Professional Counselors usually have a Ph.D. or a Master's Degree. They generally provide counseling services. Psychologists do not prescribe medications.

Q Why do I have to be in counseling in order to receive psychiatric services?

A In general, the clinical research shows that patients who are on medications and engaged in counseling have more substantial and enduring symptom relief than clients who are on medication alone.


Q What can I expect to happen when I see the psychiatrist?

A At the first visit, your doctor will conduct a medication evaluation. The doctor will ask questions about your general history and ask about the symptoms you are experiencing. This evaluation helps to determine if medication is an appropriate treatment for you. The doctor will discuss recommendations and encourage you to follow-up with your counselor. Your initial appointment will be 50 minutes in length. After the first visit the doctor will determine a schedule of follow-up appointments. These appointments can last up to 15 minutes. The main purpose of these visits is to assess how you are responding to medications and determine if any changes are needed.

Q Do you see children at your clinic?

A We see clients from age 16 years old and up. We can see parents of younger children to help with coping and other issues. We do provide therapy for adults who are experiencing problems parenting, and offer educational support to deal with adolescent development issues.